At the heart of every human being, deep within our DNA is a yearning to know our place and purpose in the world, the reason for our existence. In a climate of political instability, uncertainty in world relationships and the tragedy of innocent human suffering which together dominate world news, the search for understanding intensifies.

The common currency of all humanity is ‘hope‘. We were simply not built to live without it. Yet for many, that is exactly their experience, waking each morning to face another day in the absence of hope. To be without hope is a truly challenging place to be.

At the centre of the Christian faith is Jesus Christ, who, through the power of the Holy Spirit, offers hope to ordinary people by transforming and re-building lives. We believe Jesus came to help every human being connect their life back to the creator God, and so discover a greater sense of understanding and meaning to life.

We believe our role in Jesus’ great mission of hope is to respond to human need when we see it and challenge unjust structures in society where they inhibit the flourishing of human life. We believe we are called to tell others about Jesus, and to invite ordinary people to have extraordinary encounters with him, that they might discover for themselves the Good News and transformation he offers.

As a Christian Church set in the heart of the community of Chapel-en-le-Frith in this most beautiful part of Derbyshire, the gathered church of St Thomas Becket invites you to ‘come and see’ how Jesus can inform and transform – we are here to help you make sense of life.