Journey, passion and hope…

Coming to faith later in life at the age of 39, marked a profound change of direction. Life to that point was very much rooted in the secular world with careers in Mechanical Engineering, Financial Services and Banking. I regarded both church and God as completely irrelevant to my life. An encounter with Jesus through attending a Christian faith course at my local parish church changed all that. Over the next few years, both the church and I explored together whether or not God might be calling me into ministry. I was ordained in Derby Cathedral in 2004.

Prior to moving to Chapel, I served in three different parishes in Derby and also in Derby Church House assisting Laity Development. In April 2015, I was appointed to my present post as Priest in Charge of St Thomas Becket, alongside my other role as Area Dean of the Peak Deanery.

My ministry passion is to see people coming to know Jesus

I have a particular affinity with people for whom the church means little or nothing, where the idea of God doesn’t bother us that much. I have that affinity, because I was once in that place.

Though people may have rejected institutionalised religion for all kinds of reasons, I nevertheless hear ordinary people asking some extraordinary questions about life, its meaning and purpose. A spiritual dimension to our existence remains deep within our DNA. Like Salmon returning up river to spawn, we are instinctively drawn back to reconnect with our spiritual roots. Finding our way ‘back home’ offers the fulfilment we yearn for – only there may we find peace.

The church of St Thomas Becket is working to find ways to reconnect with our community, offering spaces of spiritual encounter with Jesus Christ in whom self discovery and human flourishing finds its natural home.

I hope you will ‘come and see‘. A warm welcome awaits you.